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soothe and hydrate sun parched skin


The ultimate burn eraser

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Our mission is to promote rapid healing for sun parched skin using ultra concentrated, highest quality botanical ingredients.  Unlike most over the counter products, we do not use water, fillers, alcohol, chemicals, perfumes, or other harsh ingredients.  Our recipe combines plant based oils and antioxidants that result in incredible healing unlike any other product. 

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We want you to be completely happy with your shopping experience from order to delivery.  If you have questions about our products, delivery, or shipping, get in touch! 

Save your vacation


We got you covered!  We stock a variety of products to aid in calming and healing of sun parched skin.  Use wipes or Beach Balm signature stick for 'on the go' hydration; Use the mask, wrap or nectar for complete immersion and intense healing.   Don't let a sunburn ruin your vacation!  You will not be disappointed with any of our products.